An idyllic office

The office of Mittermayr GmbH is situated in Hennersdorf. This location (parking space available) as well as the short distance to Vienna is perfect for almost all needs.

Gebäude Mittermayr GmbH

Historical Issues

In 1982 the company Mittermayr Elektronik was founded by Ing. Sepp Mittermayr. Having massive know-how from his former job function as service manager of a medical engineering firm, he was able to gather more experience in that branch. Very fast foreign medical technological companys were positively convinced to have Mittermayr Elektronik as service partner. The service for hemic cellcounters as well as for contrast medium injectors of MEDRAD™ were just two of the first projects of the newly founded enterprise. At this time just three of these devices were installed and used in Austria. Nowadays more thann 200 are in use.

In order to meet the very high innovative potential of the company an alternative market approach was done by creating industrial electronics. The development and production of small-sized and medium series of electronic devices for special customers and controlling- and measurement-devices was done.

Examples of these devices are:

All these projects were developed directly for the customer and were were distributed by the customer.

The first own project was finished in 1998, when the development of the electronic venous clamp reached finality after two years.

For meeting the requirements of new markets Mittermayr GmbH moved more concentration on the software engineering branch the last years, especially the development of custom hardware interfaces.

2008 - GmbH founded

In 2008 Mittermayr Elektronik was closed down and the company Mittermayr GmbH was re-founded by Thomas Mittermayr.

Our Team

Thomas Mittermayr

  • Acting Partner
  • Service HLM
  • Software π

Ing. Sepp Mittermayr

  • managing director by industrial law
  • Development
  • Hardware
  • Software

Thomas Neusiedler

  • Service MEDRAD Injectors
  • Programming WINCC