...since 1999!

The Electronic Venous Clamp 2 (EVD2) is the leading product in regulating the back flow of a patient while in extra corporal circulation. The EVD2 is manufactured since 1999 and is nowadays used in many hospitals productively.

EVD2 Kopf

The EVD2 is used for controlling the back flow of the patient. It can be used on all customary heart lung machines and gives the cardiac perfusionist a simple way of altering and supervising the back flow parameter of the patient. An automatic initialize sequence allows having reproducable and tube independent settings.


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EVD2 Mechanik

The EVD2 is manufactured of high precision milling parts, making it more robust against physical influences. The specially designed and gasketed clamp head is very resistant to common forces of an usual operating theatre (e.g blood). Built like this the durability of the EVD is very high.

The EVD2 was designed having a very high cost/performance ratio. This electronic clamp has one of the most favorable prices in the actual market.

EVD2 Elektronik

The EVD2 has a very user friendly control box. The LC-display can even be read under the worst circumstances (bad light condition in the OT). The Control Box manages the correct occlusion of the inserted tube, the occlusion can be set by a percentual value.

The Control Box initializes the inserted tube fully automatic. The software of the EVD2 Control Box monitors the clamp for it's correct function, especially the right position of the shim.

EVD2 offen

Mastholders will be produced according to the wishes of our costumers.

EVD2 Masthalterung

Device Details
Steuergerät und Klemmenkopf
Schutzklasse II
Schlauchdurchmesser max. 1/2 Zoll = 12,7 mm Innendurchmesser
Die Versorgung des Steuergerätes erfolgt über einen Sekundärstecker mit Schnappverriegelung.
Versorgungsspannung 12V dc
>800 mA Schutzart IP 20
Die EVD2 ist nicht geeignet zum Einsatz in explosionsgefährdeter Atmosphäre (Gemisch von Anästesiegas mit O2 oder Lachgas)
Lagerbedingungen -40 Grad C bis +70 Grad C
rel.Feuchte von 5% bis 95% nicht kondensierend
Betriebsbedingungen +10 Grad C bis +40 Grad C
rel.Feuchte von 20% bis 90% nicht kondensierend